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I spent the morning walking outside in the lonely streets. Paper was flowing around in the wind and not a single car was in sight. Everyone had already fled when they saw the flyers – “LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. IT IS NOT SAFE ANYWHERE. KEEP RUNNING UNTIL YOU CAN'T”.

It seemed I was the only one who made any kind of sense – obviously these flyers were just some kind of joke, or prank, to scare people for something that wasn't actually happening. But everyone else fell for it hook, line and sinker. I woke up and my family had fled, leaving a note for me on the kitchen table, wishing me well for whatever life I had left to live.


(cw: some mentions of death inside)

You shut the door in front of you and find yourself in a room. Running all through this mall trying to find that voice, the voice speaking to you that reverberates all through the building but that only you can hear, to find it's source. This was the final room. It looked just as empty as the other ones, the remains of what used to be a Woolworths here. They still hadn't found a buyer for the lot yet, or so the reports said.

“Give up yet? Ready to listen to me about what i really am?” There it was again... You didn't seem quite able to shut it off or block it out. Nothing helped, the voice coarsed through your brain, injecting it's way into your veins and memories. Your knees fell to the floor, your body coming along with you. It was speaking everywhere, indecipherable, incomprehensible, and yet somehow you could understand every word, no matter how many layers of sentencing rose up. The voice wasn't coming from inside the mall. The voice was the mall. It chose you, chose to reach out, in the hopes of finding someone to help it.


searching through boxes, endless amounts of boxes, trying to find this goddamn second wii remote... my brother wanted to play alongside me and wouldn’t accept a normal controller as a substitute, oh no, he just had to have the wii remote. so up in the attic i go to try and find this godforsaken thing.

the attic is full to the brim with dirty, dusty, and heavy boxes, all containing a jumble of things it seemed, with zero organisation in the midst of it all. what were their parents thinking? how did anyone expect to find anything in this clusterfuck? searching the 35th box now, still no signs of anything. find an old firewire cable and some large grains of sand. the 36th box shows no signs of hope too – mainly old posters with one can of pepsi from 2004 smuggled in there.


it has been ten days since minecraft steve was announced for smash bros. the world has devolved into a state of anarchy and chaos, the announcement imbalanced everything and now there is little chance of saving it. “new normal”? there is no normal anymore. keep your loved ones close. you do not know what the powers that be have planned next.

your leg just doesnt exist

How much do you think you could sell the world for? I place it's value at about $24 total, although if you take the water away it'd only be about $8.54 value left.

how much more can you make things break? we are mere minutes before total collapse comes. you can speed that up

i do not see the air wearing black tinted sunglasses and thus how on earth could it be “cool”. and dont get me started on the lack of a hat

And there's no way to stop this, there's no way we can push this back further... No. The date of the last day cannot be changed. And we all just... die, after? Presumably, yes. There's a chance that all of this is bullshit, but it likely isn't. There isn't anything i can do about that. I'm so sorry for you. you're not. ...yeah, you're right. i'm not. look forward to your last days, I guess.


“It’s a broken head.” You look down at the shattered statue head which now sits at your feet, cracked in half where it’s eye should be. The eye itself is nowhere to be seen – it seems to have rolled away.

You raise your hands – “Look, I swear I didn’t mean to, it just dropped out of my reach, OK?”

“Wrong! We have the evidence! We saw you throw that orange!”


“shit!! quickly, get a glove on that thing before it gets everywhere!!”

you slip a glove onto where your hand used to be, letting it cover your arm. the glove quickly fills up, and rainbow fluids start seeping through and pouring onto the ground.

your friend is just... staring at you, somewhat in shock. “are you not feeling anything from this?? no pain??”

“no, not really...” you reply, looking at your arm. what was a glove shaped glove has just become round and full of rainbow. “it’s actually kind of comfortable. and i don’t feel any wooziness or like im going to faint from blood loss... i’m not sure what this is.”

your friend, meanwhile, is still panicking quite a lot, placing a bucket underneath your arm. it quickly starts to fill up. you poke a finger in the bucket, licking at a drop of rainbow. it tasted of skittles. hm

#freewrite [might come back to this idea later]

I hate it when 3D glasses don’t... actually work. It’s weird, there’s been several times where i’ve gone to my local cinema, been handed these glasses, but the color on them is always kind of off? like, instead of being red and blue, they’ll be purple and orange, i don’t get it. one day, i asked the clerk at the popcorn bar why the 3d glasses they had at the cinema were so weird, and he just smiled at me and said “Don’t ask questions you wish not to know answers to.” which made no sense, i very much did want to know what these answers were, but then he walked away from the counter and out of the movie theatre. he has since been declared missing


you don't remember anything.


everything feels cluttered and lost. you're not sure what to make of how your brain feels at this moment in time, it's hard to think of anything. a bright white fills your eyes – is it light, limbo, heaven? all three? your thoughts swell even more. nothing's broken but at the same time it feels like everything in your body is shattering to pieces, torn beyond ruin. a moment to pause. you float, looking down below into an endless bright void, but you seem to be forbidden from going down. you're unsure why. you don't even want to, you just know you can't.


you look around at the blackness that now surrounds and engulfs your vision. there's nothing, nowhere, and there doesn't seem to be anything for miles. that spell you did? horribly wrong. you were stuck here with, seemingly, no means or ways of escaping. you didn't even know where “here” is.

you look down. you can barely see even yourself due to a) the absence of light, and b) the fact that most of your clothing is dark vantablack. same with your pointy hat. was a cool decision at the time, having your outfit be blacker than any other witch in the town, nay, the country. but here it proves to be nothing more than a nuisance.