maple's works

[quiet keyboard tapping...] oh, hey. welcome to maple's works.

the building was shiny and glossy, a fantastic combination of wood and glass, true beauty. i entered the building with my associate, arianna. she carried a briefcase, which contained many files. files that we couldn't lose. they were way too important. everything had to go exactly as planned – not one thing out of place.

we entered a nearby elevator, which was luckily heading to the floor we planned to go to. we waited next to two other men in suits. they both carried handguns. where we were right now, their security was very tight. thank goodness we were able to get in. it was nearly impossible to get through to the boss, but we found a way, with help from out good friend gadget.


Using a baguette as a weapon wasn't the brightest thing i had done, but i didn't care at that moment. all that mattered was surviving.

i stood inside tesco's, primed and armed with bread. ah, if only tesco were like walmart in america and selled guns too. what had happened was that we had won a competition where we had control over tesco for an entire day, all damages paid for. i had suggested the idea of a battle royale – winner gets to take whatever they want.


the windmill wasn't spinning. it had stopped spinning a long time ago, back in the 1800s. it had a cool iron shed next to it, also mostly empty. this was a good hiding spot... for now.

i ran to the entrance of the windmill, and closed it's door. it was dark, so i grabbed my torch from my backpack and turned it on. everything in there was extremely dusty. shelves, furniture, most of the stairs. but it would make do. i sat down on a nearby chair. it wasn't too comfortable, but it would do for now. i needed to rest my legs after all the running i did. arianna phased through the door shortly after, before laying down on a nearby soa, complaining that it was extremely uncomfortable. i told her it would have to make do, as we'd probably end up staying here the night.


the rocks. they looked like waves you could surf on, with amazing surfboards and other cool things, i dunno. i wanted to surf on the rocks but knew that it was impossible. so i decided to try and turn the rocks into actual waves. i knew that this would be hard, but i wasn't going to give up my dream of surfing on the wavey rocks.

first, i tried to drench them in water, but all it did was turn the area around it slightly wet. then i decided to try science. i enlisted the help of a scientist who could possibly do it. she poured something on the rocks, but to no avail. finally i decided to phone a wizard i knew, whose name was araminta. she could do it!


so, they won't let me into their treehouse. they think that they're better than me, better at running the treehouse. well, i'll prove them wrong.

i'm going to build my treehouse. first, i start with the wood. i go into the woods to chop down the trees to get the wood. i start walking into the woods, when i hear a noise. it's an owl. i can't find the owl. i want to find the owl though, to tell it to shut up. it probably flew away. as such, i'll need to fly.