ideapad – thief (2015)

[[[the basis for this idea came to my head in 2015 where i listened to youtube streams of some albums, and my head came up with a story based on what i was hearing. the ideal concept for this story is through video + audio – all the characters are mute, and the emotions and thoughts of the characters and settings are told through music. its possible for this to be retooled as a written story, however. note that this idea is still fairly rough in places. cw: death, arson]]]

this idea / story revolves around a young prisoner, being kept in a floating prison above the ocean. she subtly escapes her cell and sets out to steal [unnamed], a rare and precious set of jewels, heavily guarded and monitored 24/7, kept on the highest floor of the prison building. these jewels contain an unknown magic property, and are what give the building it's ability to float. taking these jewels and being able to sell them would mean she would be set for life, a chance to live free.

she is able to sneak and take out the guard system, stealing the jewels. this causes pandemonium and chaos across the entire building, which begins to slowly tip and sink downwards. the captains issue emergency protocol, causing heavily armed guards and mechanical robots (four legged, similar to spiders?) to surround the location and target the thief. she manages to dodge most of what comes towards her but takes a few brutal hits, and fakes her own death to escape via jumping down into the ocean and letting the robots target missiles to her. they explode near, but not directly at her, and she finishes the fake by cutting herself, letting some of the blood rise to the top for a semi-convincing death. but not convincing enough – while the prison sinks, military / law enforcement overseas the situation from land, and sends in a set of troops [jet/planes/ships] to try and follow / catch the thief. the thief, now swimming across the ocean, is weak from the hits she took and loss of blood. fading away, she tries to reach a small island within distance, passing out on the sand. the island is inhabited – a local craftsperson spots her and drags her back to his house.

upon waking up, the thief is at first confused. the craftsperson introduces himself as [x]. they mainly work creating various trinkets and objects for the small amount of people that live on the island. the thief tries to leave with the worry that she will cause harm for the innocent people living here, but she is still injured from the fight. [x] tries to make her rest so that he can try to heal her.

a few days pass with the two mostly in silence, [x] occasionally tending to medical needs. [x] ends up finding the case that the thief is keeping the jewels in, and she confirms that they are stolen jewels, so that she could try and create a better life for herself instead of being stuck in a prison cell. [it is still not exactly known what got her into prison in the first place.] [x] is unsure what to do about this new information but doesn't get the time to think as the forces have found, and arrived at the island. they immediately begin to shoot at the island, destroying most of the shacks and killing the people living in them [declared guilty of harbouring a notorious criminal]. the thief and [x] try to run but find themselves surrounded in all directions of the island, and most shelter caught ablaze by the torrent of missiles and weapons. however, the thief finds that by holding one of the jewels she stole, she is able to float herself and [x] up in the air, with some dodgy control. with this new revelation [x] also grabs a jewel for himself and decides to tag along wherever the thief is headed next, his home and possessions now destroyed. dodging missiles and bullets in the air they fly up past the clouds and drift off, unsure as to where exactly they are headed. the forces begin to send out warnings about the thief and [x, tagged as “unknown companion”], listing them as a dangerous threat.

sometime later, the duo are able to land inside some sort of unknown city. they know the heat is still on them but they make the best of the situation they have, exploring the city using these new float / fly powers discovered with the jewels. at night, they set up shelter within a hidden forest, starting a fire and making some rudimentary [bases? stuff to sleep on. maybe its a better idea if they just steal some camp shit while they're in the city]. as the sun sets the thief acts out her story to [x] as to why she came to be a prisoner [notice – still undefined??] night falls but while the two sleep an army arrive, using tanks and planes. determined to take back or destroy the jewels at whatever cost. they fire and set ablaze the forest, and the two awaken in a frenzy, once again surrounded. [x] gets damaged pretty badly amidst the flames and shots, leading the thief to panic. this seems to unlock some kind of power within one of the jewels – holding it close to her chest, she finds she is able to surround her and [x] with some type of force field. carrying [x] in her arms she flies herself away from the forest fire, hiding in the thick clouds of smoke being generated. she takes the jewels but leaves the case they were in behind, which becomes nothing more than a pile of ash in the fire. the two are presumed dead and the jewels destroyed.

[[[this is as far as the story goes for now.]]] [[[some notes for future planning / forward thinking – the jewels hold a variety of powers combined to become the ultimate defence / protection system, explaining its usage in the prison as well as it's high value. it is unknown as to where these powers came from and how they manifested in the jewels. experimentation has been attempted [and has failed] to try and reverse engineer these powers. /// this story is set sometime in the near future. /// ambient / downtempo / glitch / idm]]]