ideapad – the penny sweets game (7/9/17)

A game about stealing sweets.

PLAYERS – 2+ YOU WILL EACH NEED – bags of around the same size, and plenty of corner shops or pick ‘n’ mix stalls TIME NEEDED – recommended one week, however this is flexible and you can set however much time you want.

THE GAME – Each player has the allotted amount of time to steal as many pick ‘n’ mix sweets as they can. What sweets are stolen does not matter, only the amount. The person with the most sweets at the end of the game wins all the bags of sweets.

HOUSE RULES (optional) – You may only steal from a shop once. Good rule if your group lives near many pick ‘n’ mix stalls. – Each sweet you steal must be different. – Each sweet you steal must be the same. – You can only steal sour sweets, because you’re such a sour apple for stealing. – Instead of setting a time limit, the first person to steal a certain amount of sweets wins. – You can only steal pick ‘n’ mix sweets from major brand stores.