ideapad – so there's this girl (?/?/2014)

[[[this idea started as a dream from around 2014-ish, occurring a little while after visiting the science museum in london. its been thrown around with a lot of edits since then but here i will try to preserve the original version as best as i can remember it.]]]

move into the science museum, heading down inbetween the lower floor. in the real science museum the lg floor is fairly narrow and small, however in this dream version it was somewhat massive, a huge play area for kids to learn about different aspects of science. you got to it via a fairly big spiral ramp / staircase. in the middle of this ramp is a door, which normally leads to a staff corridor. i can't remember what events exactly lead to the next part, but leaning on the door caused it to accidentally open up, my body falling in, but it wasn't a staff corridor – rather, it was actually a small bedroom. the bedroom is extremely cluttered, with clothes covering the whole floor, and various small unidentifiable trinkets scattered everywhere. the wallside with the door has a metal bunk bed against it. the walls are painted pink and there's a door to a closet somewhere, but it is unknown what is inside. a girl wakes up from underneath a pile of clothes on the bed, wondering who i am and why i'm here. she's somewhat small and is wearing mainly a pajama top and panties. i can't remember much else about what happened after, some kind of conversation. i eventually left, but opening the door again led to the normal staff corridor. it is unknown how the anomaly happened or how to get back in.

[[[this idea later morphed into a story about a witch, hiding in a secret closed off room in the science museum to try and just relax. the explanation for her hiding was that government forces are trying to track her down to use her witch powers, of which haven't been seen in the real world before.]]]