ideapad – dream room (?/?/2018)

[[[this was intended to be an about page for a scrapped version of my website in 2018. each paragraph would link to a different section covering a different topic – however, this iteration of the website was never completed, so it was never published.]]]

you wake up.

you find yourself in a somewhat damaged, sideways train carriage, which has clearly been in a crash of sorts. dents and knocks are strewn around the walls, chair fabric torn, pieces of paper and leaflets scattering the floor. most of the advertising has been ripped off, instead replaced with messy dark pink paint. barely any lights are working – most have been broken apart or blown, and the only light visible is a chain of small battery-operated fairy lights surrounding an open vent. curious, you crawl inside to see where it leads.

the air vent is somewhat small but big enough for you to comfortably crawl and climb through. there doesn't seem to be any forks in the path or deviations – just a few corners and straights. eventually, you reach the end, and from a distance you can see what seem to be some fuzzy pink lights. stepping out, you look back and find a sign attached to the end of the vent with some string. “MAPLE BLOOM'S CORNER”. it seems to go into further detail. you examine.

in front of you is a somewhat medium sized room. plastered all around the walls are a large series of multi colored fairy lights, combining together to give off a light pink hue. this makes the room somewhat dark, but your eyes start to adjust and you can start seeing things in the room. it actually looks... kinda cute.

you see on the back wall a bed, draped in blue and pink blankets, and several colored, fluffy pillows at the top. behind / above the pillows on the wall is a pinboard filled with various images and cutouts, seemingly torn from magazines and the internet. [note: it's very image heavy. somehow, you feel that if this pinboard was a website on the internet, it would be hard to load on a slow internet connection.]

the other side of the bed seems to have a small laptop atop of it. examining further it seems to be open on the start menu with a list of programs, as well as a page of twitter behind it. connected to the laptop is a speaker, quietly playing some tunes. it's barely audible, probably because the person who owns said speaker doesn't seem to be around.

looking up from the laptop, there's a white chest o' drawers with a bunch of cheap stickers stuck to it. atop the drawers is a small television, which seems to be playing a stream of nonstop videos. there's no sound. beside and underneath the tv are a couple of consoles – a playstation 2 with a nintendo 3ds perched atop of it, and a nintendo wii.

a bit further along the drawers is an ottoman, with a larger blanket folded up atop of it on one side, and a large collection of half finished notebooks on the other. they contain quite a bit of writing about various things this person seems to be passionate about.

looking around again, you notice a small window, with a unlit lamp on it's sill. looking outside reveals a dark blue sky, dots of white strewn about the place. there doesn't seem to be any kind of ground, giving the impression that you're somewhere in space, or in some kind of illusion. you're unsure. if you were in space, wouldn't the sky be black, not blue? maybe it's some kind of other dimension?

you decide to go find out where exactly you are, and leave the room.