freewrite – various drabbles of oct 2020

it has been ten days since minecraft steve was announced for smash bros. the world has devolved into a state of anarchy and chaos, the announcement imbalanced everything and now there is little chance of saving it. “new normal”? there is no normal anymore. keep your loved ones close. you do not know what the powers that be have planned next.

your leg just doesnt exist

How much do you think you could sell the world for? I place it's value at about $24 total, although if you take the water away it'd only be about $8.54 value left.

how much more can you make things break? we are mere minutes before total collapse comes. you can speed that up

i do not see the air wearing black tinted sunglasses and thus how on earth could it be “cool”. and dont get me started on the lack of a hat

And there's no way to stop this, there's no way we can push this back further... No. The date of the last day cannot be changed. And we all just... die, after? Presumably, yes. There's a chance that all of this is bullshit, but it likely isn't. There isn't anything i can do about that. I'm so sorry for you. you're not. ...yeah, you're right. i'm not. look forward to your last days, I guess.