freewrite – random drabbles nov 2020

“how many years are you looking at?” “well i mean there’s a lot of calendars in this shop” “i’d say about... 193. no wait, 201”

i think if we lived in a world where the space invaders constantly try and come to earth, and we were able to defeat them everytime with cool lazers and flashy LED effects, it would be pretty neat

CAMERAS can be used for TAKING PHOTOS of OBJECTS that are nearby your BODY (note: objects attached to your body may be harder to take photos of)

how many times have you fallen asleep so far in your life?

It's pretty dim when i walk in. Barely any of the aisles are lit... this place is open, right? Try to get your bearings, i say to myself. All i needed was some milk and a couple of razor bits. I shone my flashlight and walked forward. No staff seemed to be present and yet store music was playing. Everything was still all neat and organized, I was easily able to find the Razor bits. the cheese, however, proved to be a tougher find. I must've walked half an hour trying to find the dairy section. The aisles I went down seemed to get weirder to boot, with flavours of coffee that i had never heard of and pre-melted ice cubes (so, a bag of water).

why do angels lose their wings? what if over time all angels would lose their wings and revert back to humanity? can angel wings be stolen? can they be worn by normal humans? seeing angels feels impossible and angel hunters spend years trying to figure out ways of finding them. not one has been found as of yet, but several traces have, inlcuding the feathers from wings. what can wing feathers be used for? they contain energy that has been used to power small devices such as TV remotes or flashlights, however more powerful objects are not affected. It is rumored this kind of energy is what allows the angels to fly. what if i had angel wings? well i would use them to fly to Woolworths god i wish woolworths was still around i wonder if i could use angel wings to get to them despite it not existing. can angel wings take me to places that don't exist? if not, what can? (imagination)