freewrite – random drabbles dec 2020

inside your computer is a tiny little man called dave. say hi to dave, dont be shy!

i am proceeding with attaching bars to the side of my apartment. this will achieve several things: – makes the apartment feel prison like, a vibe i heavily fuck with – provides extra structural integrity and protection – makes people afraid

the store was lined to the brim with seemingly endless shelves of books – luckily there was a wall ending it this time instead of actually being endless like last time. i navigated over to the hyperbook section – this is where i could find books within books talking about books within books, which is a lot of book. and there it was, found: “the book history of the history of books”, which talked about the history of people cataloguing the history of book publishing, and the history of that too. A bit of a complicated read for sure but it was required for the class. The price seemed managable enough for me to afford, I could just sell the older copy if i needed to.

Actually, why didn’t i just go to the library and see if they have it there? would that... not have made more sense? i wouldn’t have had to buy anything at all, it could just be a loan... sigh, sometimes i do make myself wonder what the fuck i’m doing.

sitting inside a room as it slowly becomes daytime. i can see a cold light start to fill the door as it slowly becomes brighter, and i see outside my house. the windows also fill with a bright blue, brightening up the rooms of the house slowly.

it gets brighter, and brighter still. we reach what would be considered peak midday at dead on 7am, what is this? it keeps going, becoming stronger, harder to look at with my own eyes, but unsure how to look away. i hide myself under a table and the light seeps through the cloth. i cover my eyes with my hands but the light comes through those too. it won’t stop, it’s blinding, and i have no choice but to look directly at it as i struggle to see my own house. i can feel burning pain in my retinas. nothing can block it. was it the sun? a higher power? some kind of evil ray? i had no answer, nobody did. i could hear people screaming, praying, as they tried to make sense of what was going on. i pressed my face to the floor, all still white. i couldn’t see anything else anymore, i bumped into objects and furniture trying to walk around until i give up and just lie down on the floor. all is white.

i rolled my eyes into the back of my head to check out what my brain was up to, and it wasn’t doing much, just existing

pick me up by my clothes and pin me up to a wall, PLEASE

i played the same song 11 times in a row just to satisfy the audience. you underestimate my persistence

what's listening to my phone? can it speak to me please? thank you