freewrite 30oct2020

I spent the morning walking outside in the lonely streets. Paper was flowing around in the wind and not a single car was in sight. Everyone had already fled when they saw the flyers – “LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. IT IS NOT SAFE ANYWHERE. KEEP RUNNING UNTIL YOU CAN'T”.

It seemed I was the only one who made any kind of sense – obviously these flyers were just some kind of joke, or prank, to scare people for something that wasn't actually happening. But everyone else fell for it hook, line and sinker. I woke up and my family had fled, leaving a note for me on the kitchen table, wishing me well for whatever life I had left to live.

It was so weird. Never before had I seen the streets so silent and lifeless. The place had become a ghost town. Every shop was shut away, bordered up, locked from access. There were no birds in the sky singing pretty but annoying songs. I noticed things were weirder. The sun was right in the middle of the sky even though it was only 9am. No window on the street was breakable, despite it being just normal glass.

What was I even doing on the high street at 9am in the morning? I didn't remember walking here, I just woke up and then I was here soon after. Everything inbetween felt like a hazy blur that I couldn't quite understand.

10am now. The sun hadn't moved an inch. Something was up. I grabbed one of the flyers that floated around and inspected it closer. There was no further information other than the words I quoted earlier. It was white with red text. Nothing seemed to be inbetween the lines or anything. No secrets or mistakes.

And then when I looked up, the street had been engulfed into a red smoke. It smelled... pepper-y, I guess. I could no longer see the sun, and the smoke quickly engulfed me too and continued down the street.

I could no longer see anything, my vision too fogged up and clouded. I bumped into a few benches and phoneboxes trying to walk forward. I had hoped that this would pass and I would eventually exit the fog, but it just kept going, endlessly. I walked for I don't know how many hours. I forgot what the time was. Night didn't seem to come. What objects I could see started to become faded and rusty, as if they had aged poorly over several years.

I looked at my hand. It had become more wrinkled and frail, shaking a little. My legs started to hurt and ache with each step i continued to take. Eventually i collapsed and knelt to the floor, head lowering. Rust started to form on my hand and down my arm. At this point there wasn't much pain from it, and I had accepted I wouldn't make it out of here to warn everyone – if it hadn't already gotten to them. My lips became stiff and my eyes closed as the rusty surface spread towards my face. I couldn't move myself anymore. I guess becoming a metal object is one of the better ways to be killed off, it's more interesting than just taking a bullet or old age.

And then I fell, and the last sound I heard was the sound of shattering glass.