freewrite 27/07/19

“That's a really weird place to put a TV.”

Indeed, looking forward you saw the TV sitting on a cabinet with wheels in the middle of the hallway – a very peculiar sight. Did you even own a TV? Whose was this? It didn't even seem to be plugged in anywhere. Curious, you grab the trolley handles and roll it towards your apartment, bringing it in and locking your door with a thud.

You scratch your head. Even the TV itself is weird… It's a shiny glossy white with no visible buttons or connection inputs – no HDMI, RGB, scart even… and because of this it's incredibly thin, held straight only by the incredibly thick bottom stand that's pretty much the width of the cabinet itself. The only lead connected to the TV was a power plug, and even then that didn't seem right, having four prongs instead of three – you couldn't plug this TV in even if you wanted.

You roll the cabinet trolley.. thing [???] next to your current TV, some Panasonic model you forget the name of. Something weird happens, however – the tv on the trolley starts to buzz a little. You hear it faintly, just about. What the fuck is with this thing?

And then, out of absolutely nowhere, it turns on. You fall back onto the floor in shock. Your Panasonic TV also turns on, emitting static. But from the trolley tv you hear a voice. You can't quite make out the words so you scooch closer, staying on the floor in case something happens. That voice seemed to get quieter as you got closer – maybe it didn't want you to hear.

You're leaning against the cabinet now and you still can't hear the voice. You don't want to get any closer to this TV and yet you feel like you must, like something is pulling you in against your will. The voice pauses and you lean your head up.

“Don't come closer and don't move back.”

You feel your limbs become stiff and you find yourself unable to move anymore, staying perfectly still next to the cabinet. You want to run but everything in your head is screaming at you to stay… what is going on???

“You'll find out what's going on soon enough. I need you to come with me.”

You try to shake your head no but you still can't move. Whatever this voice is seems to sense what you want to do, though, because they respond.

“Look, this isn't a choice you have here. I don't want to have to pull you away from this world, trust me, but if I don't all hell is going to break loose.

Wh… what did they mean by that?

“I'll explain later, just… co-operate with me on this. I'm not going to hurt you but I will have to use force if you don't help me out. This will be easier if you play along.”

Another pause. You think to yourself – or rather, to yourself and this mysterious voice, since they seem to be eavesdropping. It's probably best to listen to the voice, otherwise they'll just make you do what they want anyway through whatever.. the fuck.. this force that's holding you down is. You'd rather do this with your own free will.

“Alright, good. Glad we're on the same page.”

You collapse onto the floor, movement restored. You back away a little, somewhat in fear but also to give yourself room to breathe. As you do, an arm stretches out from beyond the TV.

“Just take my hand and follow me, please. I'll explain everything when you're here – can't explain it in your world for secrecy reasons. Frustrating, i know, but that's how this works i guess.”