freewrite 24/11/15

blinded. they were all blinded.

as i stood there and watched, everyone falling to the floor after being hit by the big firework, that now surrounded me in pieces. why i wasn't affected, i didn't know, nor did i care. i ran to get out and call help, call 999, call someone...

i re-entered the house to get to a phone only to find loracie stood there. i nodded at her – it must have been her forces that protected me from the blast of the firework. she nodded back, and ran to get help. i ran to find a phone.

heading upstairs, i found what i was looking for – the phone. i grabbed it instantly called 999, hoping to get something, but there was no signal – i couldn't call anybody anywhere. loracie ran back to me and said that she couldn't leave the house. all the doors were locked and any spell she tried to use didn't work at all, just bouncing right back. there was something going on, that much was evident.

i tried opening the windows, but to no avail. loracie tried to smash a window or door, but everything just bounced back onto us. we were trapped in here.

i slumped down onto a sofa. “how the hell are we gonna get out of here?” i asked loracie.

“no fucking clue,” she responded, falling down next to me. “with no way out, no way to contact, and everyone else dead, the only thing we can do is try and wait it out until morning.”

i sighed. i wanted to do something, anything, to get out of here, but there was literally nothing i could do at this point. like loracie said, the only option was to wait until morning.