freewrite 23/08/18

looking around in space i spotted quite a few things – for starters, darkness. it was pretty dark in space, i almost couldn't see were it not for all the various assorted stars dotted around. but something was going on with the stars. you see, normally most stars are scorching out, to the point where they can burn you just by looking at them. but the stars were now cold. they were still bright, lit up, flares, everything, but the temperature had dropped to that of a normal household room. this was... unusual to say the absolute least. naturally, as humans who get curious about everything we see, someone just had to go and investigate it, and i was one of those someones. my crew and team were back on board our spaceship, directing orders through to me via a communications device. i was tied to the spaceship via some very strong Flex Rope:tm:. i moved closer towards the star that lay in front of me.

more things struck me as odd about the star. for starters, that we were all able to be so close and look right into it without our eyes burning up into dust. staring into the sun usually made you go blind. we should be faring far, far worse, but we were not. there was also the fact that, upon further observation, the star was not the usual bright sparks of white and orange that they usually were. rather, the whole star had some kind of tinted purple hue to it... maybe this was an effect of it cooling down?

the purple color got stronger as i got closer towards it, almost within touching distance. i started to hear small, whispering voices in my head. they definitely weren't coming from the coms device... these voices were new. i couldn't make out what was being said, they were all speaking at once. my arm, without any kind of control, started to reach out to touch the star that floated before me. i could hear shouting from my teammates urging me not to do anything more, to pull back and get to the safety of the spaceship again, but by then it was pretty much late. my head was filled with junk bloated thoughts blocking out everything but the star. the star itself was calling out to me now, it had invaded my brain and now it was controlling me. my finger placed itself onto the star reluctantly, and from there everything went to black.

i woke up with my vision covered in blue, white sparks swirling all around me. i tried to get up only to find i was helplessly floating. i could move my arms and legs but i was unable to actually move my body around, which slowly drifted around the space i was in. was this the star? had i somehow been sucked inside, or was this some kind of dream illusion that didn't really exist? i only had to look forward to see an answer – there was a semi transparent window of sorts, showing to me the rocket, which was just outside. my com link fizzed and crackled but there seemed to be no way of actually getting back into contact. i had, with all due respect, become lost, unable to escape. i was now trapped inside this star with no visible way of escaping. was this star... alive? did it pull me in under it's own will or was it some kind of trap controlled by a higher being? i was unsure, and i didn't know how to find out. all i could do was linger as the rocket slowly blasted away, my crew believing i was dead. i feared for them, if other stars could do the same for them... trapping them for eternity in a small decorative void.