freewrite – 21dec2020

(based off of image shown after the cut)

sitting atop one of the mailboxes waiting. something important was going to arrive but i didn't know what time. looked at the watch. 2:35am. it had a few more hours to get here before missing it's due time, and I really didn't want to have to enact Plan B if i could avoid it. i lied myself across all 3 boxes and checked my phone, a few messages asking where i was. i ignored most of them, replying to a few that i was out in the streets trying to get something. my eyes felt heavy, was getting tired.

awakeness persisted. looked up at the light that shone down on me and the mailboxes, it was the only light on in the nearby areas. even the lampposts were shut off due to faulty power systems in the city.

i hear a shuffling noise and turn around behind me. and there, it lay – a package, wet on the ground as if it had been sitting there all night. this was the one. i opened it up and found my ticket out of this place, diving back in and pulling the box with me.

back home, in the somewhere. that was a bit unnerving. mental note to self: keep close track of portals, try to make sure they don't dissappear on you again. clearly, i still don't know the rules of this place.

in the dark of the night, a loan set of white postboxes sits underneath a lit up shelter on the path, the back half surrounded by bushes.