freewrite 21/11/15

a party. a wild party that everyone was invited to. and i was on the outside of it. outside, lost, not nessecarially uninvited – like i said, everyone was invited.

everyone. including one of my nemeses.

slowly, i walked in. everyone was having a jolly good time, drinking and dancing. i was sure i could smell a touch of ecstasy. maybe heroin. it was sickening. as soon as i walked in, i just as quickly wanted to talk out.

but no. instead, i hid out, running upstairs into one of the elevators. (this was a tall building) i knew my nemesis was around... we could sense each other. she was probably as eager to avoid me as i was to avoid her. but alas, that wasn't how the game worked.

i stopped at the 6th floor and got my bastard sword. i opened the elevator door and standing in front of me was... me. well, not exactly me.

it's an extremely long story.

it was very awkward at first meeting marina – supposedly, a parallel universe version of myself. when you come from a parallel universe there tend to be a few opposites – namely, she's ridiculously evil. i still wonder if there's any way to turn her good, but for now that's not important. what is important is that i won this battle, or i would die under the hands of her.

marina got out her bullshit sword about the same time as i did, and the two clashed, the sound of it ringing through our ears. marina only smiled as she faced me, and i smiled too. while we were enemies, there was a sense of fun in our battles.

how long ago was it that i had done this? too long, i would presume. way too long.

i looked across, a beautiful blue sea surrounding the cliff that i was standing on. it was breathtaking, all of it. and of course that moment was completely ruined by the annoying tune of “hotline bling”, courtesy of arianna's phone. she took it and threw it into the ocean, letting it – and the tune – drown into the depths of the sea.

we had no power again. it was true what he had said – that the high would only last for a while and then it would be over. and it wasn't something that could just be fixed by pills. it had to be fixed in a certian way.

i turned to find loracie floating across the water. the little witch had agreed to help us, which was great. we needed another member of the crew – we couldn't fulfil out mission as just the two of us. we would need to get any help we could.

loracie got to the middle of the water before spreading her arms in a certian direction. all of a sudden, the waters lifted up, and there was a moment of peace, a moment of tranquility before we jumped.

me and arianna jumped off the cliff, fast winds swooping behind us, clothes flattering, yet both of us completely slient. we fell. we continued to fall, and continued more. and all that time loracie kept the water up ahead of us so that we wouldn't drown to death.

you're probably thinking that we'd fall to death instead, but no, because the mud below us is extremely wet, which would cushion our fall. arianna used her final remaining firepower and blasted it, creating a small hole for us to fall through. normally i would have done this but my digging powers had dissappeared, so arianna did this and we had to cast loracie's help.

we fell into the hole and got stuck in. inside the special mud was a series of gemstones which gave us our powers. however, there was something special about them – each gemstone would also give you different powers. we had tested out all of them over the course of 6 months. he hid them all here, all of them, and we have him to thank for our amazing power.

loracie wouldn't be able to hold the water for long, so we were forced to pick quick. arianna's fire was found again, but this time she gave the power to me, as she wanted to try something a bit different. intrigued i took the fire and followed her, as she walked and found what she was looking for – a green gem with a lightning bolt. ah, electric. i nodded in approval and we walked up again back to the surface, where loracie still remained.

she let go of all the water, as it started to fall down – we took this opportunity to use the fire and electric to rocket jump ourselves back to the cliff, where we stood again. loracie flew back to the cliff to meet up with us.

“i still don't understand why you can't grab just grab as many as possible.” she said.

“because if they find us, they'll use them,” i said to her. “have you thought about our offer then?”

earlier we had asked her about joining us. she wasn't an official member, not yet anyway. she pondered it for a while.

“you know what?” she told us. “i'm not overly busy over the next few months, as far as i can see. i'll help you guys with your cause.”

arianna smiled. she enjoyed having her as a friend – having her as a teammate was better. i smiled too.

“all you guys really need is a team name,” loracie continued. “a PROPER team name.”

“okay, how about...” i said, beginning to think. we all had to sit and think for a minute, but eventually we decided on the name of... the collective. we were a team, inseperatable, and if one of us is down, we're all down with them. we were always together. and we will always be... the collective.

as we walked off, i looked back at the private cliff, now back to normal, confident that we would appear again.