freewrite 16/10/15

she held the axe in her hand, swinging right towards me. i dodged the blow and in one swift movement. she had just appeared out of nowhere – quite literally, i turned around to get myself a drink of lemonade, then the next thing i knew she was right there! i had to think fast. i didn't even know why she was here... yet.

i ran back up the stairs and she chased me, swinging the axe at any chance she got. no matter what. she seemed determined to break everything i ever had. i quickly managed to get to the top floor, and ran into the bathroom, quickly closing the door and turning the lock. she got up to the top floor and started to bang on the door.

“let me in! now!” she shouted, seemingly pleading to me, continuously banging on the door. eventually she tried to destroy it using her axe... but it was doing nothing? would it hurt me at all if it wasn't doing anything to the door? i decided to find out.

slowly, i opened the bathroom door. she smiled, and swung the axe straight at my head, right in the middle. right at this point there'd usually be lots of blood and gore and other things, but the axe just went through me and didn't do anything at all. no blood, no gore, not even a slight cut. just, there was a bit of a cold feeling.

she looked astonished, before shouting in agony. “how come i can't kill anyone?” she fell, and knelt on the floor, crying. she just completely dropped her axe. i took this as my chance to escape, and sneaked past her, before running downstairs and thinking to myself – how come i wasn't dead?

i got back to the kitchen and finished my drink of lemonade. how come she couldn't do anything with her axe... and why did it go right through me? this wasn't normal. i thought a sceptical yet plausible theory to myself – that she was a ghost. a ghost, that naturally couldn't make contact with a human being. it was definitely a possibility. i decided to try and question her about it... but then when i got back upstairs, she was gone. the axe was gone too.

i couldn't help but think to myself what would happen if she had killed me with that axe? would i have become a ghost too? would i have been able to fight her? would i ever find her again? in fact, come to think of it, was she even real? or was it just a figment of my imagination? was i going crazy? i wasn't sure.