freewrite – 15dec2020

its a bit weird to travel solely through public transport stations but it was a small hobby of mine, when i found them on my travels i would go through the whole line as best as i could. this train line had a nice black and blue neon color scheme, the interiors of the train had teal stripes with black walls and minimal lighting so it was quite relaxing to ride on, though it was hard to read a newspaper.

the train stopped and i got off, dunno where i was so i seeked out a sign that would tell me. there, on the other side “ MAX CROSS “ in white lettering. the reasoning for the name was because it was where every line in the town crossed over – the central point for getting anywhere you wanted to get. i didn’t really want to go anywhere for a second so i decided to sit down for a bit and have a nap.

when i woke up, the sky had faded to nighttime, but the station was busier than i had seen it before. i guess this was a nocturnal reality. felt hungry so decided to find something to eat. across the station were a few vending machines selling all sorts of foods and hot dinners. the mechanism would pull the dinner out, heat it, and then serve it through the flap in the bottom, so i got some lasagna. it tasted very microwave-y, expectedly.