freewrite 14/06/20

“It’s a broken head.” You look down at the shattered statue head which now sits at your feet, cracked in half where it’s eye should be. The eye itself is nowhere to be seen – it seems to have rolled away.

You raise your hands – “Look, I swear I didn’t mean to, it just dropped out of my reach, OK?”

“Wrong! We have the evidence! We saw you throw that orange!”

“...actually, I’ll have you know that it was a rock disguised as an orange. Get it right, lmao.” At that point you drop your hands and start to run in the opposite direction, towards society, your saving grace. The gates you run to start to close over, and the guards questioning you are catching up, seemingly enjoying the chase.

The statue itself was of Johnh Rehighnh, “The Man Whith A Lot Ohf H’s In His Nahme”. Back in the 1860’s he was well regarded for the invention of the letter H2, a second letter H that is currently indecipherable to normal human eyes. You hated this. You had spent your life trying to crack the puzzle, to see that legendary second H, to no avail. Angrily, you lashed out at the statue that bore his name, and broke it to pieces. No longer would you devote your life to this useless trivial fact.

You rushed into Society’s gates as they closed in fully, blocking all the guards from getting in. They had no way to capture you for your crime, as long as you stayed here.