freewrite – 10nov2020

(cw – cardboard violence)

You walk around the cardboard city with eager eyes. You're going to tear it down and rip it all apart, just like they did to your city.

You stare at a cardboard figure standing in front of you. The expression on it's face is drawn crudely but the clothes are very neatly drawn with fine pen. It's a tiny bit soaked from the rain but nothing too serious. You punch it down and it falls into a puddle on the ground, the rain soaking itself in. A stomp with your foot and some leg twists and the figure slowly gets ripped in half. The expression fades away leaving nothing but it's clothes.

Okay... maybe don't be so thorough with the other ones. Make this simple and quick. A cardboard gun is pulled from your pocket – fashioned from genuine recycled material, and loaded with a box of staples. You run and gun, hitting as many motionless paper statues as you can, they each fall one by one with staples stuck across their faces. On each of them, the face details fade away into a blank slate.

You kick a building and it's walls fall down, collapsing within each other. There's barely any structural integrity here. It's easy enough to knock the others down, they fall on top of the dead cardboard population, pushing them further into the dirt.

It's raining heavily now and you're getting soaked. You've been here for five hours at least and you're still pretty angry. The figure you've been pushing an axe into for 5 minutes has barely anything left to... well, push an axe into. Was this punishment enough for what they did? Maybe not. There's still a lot of rage. They'd probably come back to yours to fuck you over again thanks to this, but you'll be ready this time. At best, this move bought you time. Just like you, they would need to rebuild.

Walking out of the gates you turn back and look at the mess you've made. Everything is all bent and torn out of shape with little that is recognisable from what it once was. You even put some ketchup around the place as fake blood for extra effect – just so that they know you're serious.