freewrite 10/06/20

“shit!! quickly, get a glove on that thing before it gets everywhere!!”

you slip a glove onto where your hand used to be, letting it cover your arm. the glove quickly fills up, and rainbow fluids start seeping through and pouring onto the ground.

your friend is just... staring at you, somewhat in shock. “are you not feeling anything from this?? no pain??”

“no, not really...” you reply, looking at your arm. what was a glove shaped glove has just become round and full of rainbow. “it’s actually kind of comfortable. and i don’t feel any wooziness or like im going to faint from blood loss... i’m not sure what this is.”

your friend, meanwhile, is still panicking quite a lot, placing a bucket underneath your arm. it quickly starts to fill up. you poke a finger in the bucket, licking at a drop of rainbow. it tasted of skittles. hm

#freewrite [might come back to this idea later]