freewrite – 05/06/20

I hate it when 3D glasses don’t... actually work. It’s weird, there’s been several times where i’ve gone to my local cinema, been handed these glasses, but the color on them is always kind of off? like, instead of being red and blue, they’ll be purple and orange, i don’t get it. one day, i asked the clerk at the popcorn bar why the 3d glasses they had at the cinema were so weird, and he just smiled at me and said “Don’t ask questions you wish not to know answers to.” which made no sense, i very much did want to know what these answers were, but then he walked away from the counter and out of the movie theatre. he has since been declared missing

the movie counter is situated inside a pretty large mall, about the size of an apartment complex. quite a few floors, lots of shops to browse through like Milly’s and The Bone Breaker Club Shack Guys Bar. all fancy stuff, most of the time the people hanging out there are rich smug bastards who want nothing to do with you. the mall has a very elitist vibe, which makes the inclusion of the movie theatre much more weird – it seems to be the only place that normal people like us are “accepted” and yeah, i don’t get it. fuck rich bastard people

being there right now, there’s not a whole lot going on. the mall’s flooring is jagged dark yellow stripes combined with a soft blue glow in some areas. screens are laid out everywhere showing trailers for all sorts of movies, even ones that have never aired here, and some fake trailers for movies that don’t exist even, such as Terminator 5: Dark Age Of Silver Machine-y Guys. (yes, i know that’s an awful title.) there’s a popcorn and snack bar to the left, a small play / waiting area on the right, and then right down the middle you get to the theatres, all lined up in a row on both sides, although it seems only 4 of the 10 available are active at any given time.

I walk down and peer into one of the closed up theatre chambers. Inside, wiggling around on the chairs, appear to be masses of small tentacles. They don’t seem to have a source to them – trying to look around and trace the arms back to a root source just led me into loops. the tentacles seemed passive – they weren’t trying to grab or attack me and mostly just let me walk by. one tentacle even gave me a pet on the head! how kind.

after a while of wandering around, some of the tentacles cleared a space for me to sit at. i sat down comfortably, sinking into gooey leather (the tentacles were kinda sticky, but in a good way that felt nice to touch). one bright red tentacle hovered over my shoulder to hand me something – a pair of red and blue 3d glasses! as it would turn out, the tentacles were hoarding the normal 3d glasses to use for their own watchings, so the staff at the cinema had to get creative and create ones they wouldnt take, hence the orange and purple glasses. i slipped the 3d glasses onto my head sinked further into my chair, eventually sinking myself so far into the leather that i had become inseperatable with it, me and the chair combined into one being. i am... chair