freewrite 03/09/18

you look around at the blackness that now surrounds and engulfs your vision. there's nothing, nowhere, and there doesn't seem to be anything for miles. that spell you did? horribly wrong. you were stuck here with, seemingly, no means or ways of escaping. you didn't even know where “here” is.

you look down. you can barely see even yourself due to a) the absence of light, and b) the fact that most of your clothing is dark vantablack. same with your pointy hat. was a cool decision at the time, having your outfit be blacker than any other witch in the town, nay, the country. but here it proves to be nothing more than a nuisance.

you walk around for a bit, aimlessly wondering and wandering. you thought there was a light at one point but it was just a trick of your eyes. you sit and collapse on the floor wondering if you would ever escape this dark, lonely place.

a faint, soft mewing noise is heard. its the first thing you've heard in a while aside from your breathing. quickly rushing back up, you walk around trying to find the source of the mew, and after a few minutes you start to hear a little jingle too.

then, you feel something pawing at your leg. you can't see it due to the darkness. only a small faint shadowy outline. reaching your hand down you try to pet it, and it somewhat accepts your offer, nestling itself into your hand. you can make out the outline of a black face. so this cat had black fur. what a great match.

sitting cross legged the cat jumps up to your lap. this doesn't improve your vision of it at all due to your clothing, but at least now you have a small bit of warmth. stroking, the cat purrs. it seems blissfully unaware of the current situation and only concerned with the need of love. if only you too could be like that...