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[quiet keyboard tapping...] oh, hey. welcome to maple's works.

(based off of image shown after the cut)

sitting atop one of the mailboxes waiting. something important was going to arrive but i didn't know what time. looked at the watch. 2:35am. it had a few more hours to get here before missing it's due time, and I really didn't want to have to enact Plan B if i could avoid it. i lied myself across all 3 boxes and checked my phone, a few messages asking where i was. i ignored most of them, replying to a few that i was out in the streets trying to get something. my eyes felt heavy, was getting tired.


its a bit weird to travel solely through public transport stations but it was a small hobby of mine, when i found them on my travels i would go through the whole line as best as i could. this train line had a nice black and blue neon color scheme, the interiors of the train had teal stripes with black walls and minimal lighting so it was quite relaxing to ride on, though it was hard to read a newspaper.

the train stopped and i got off, dunno where i was so i seeked out a sign that would tell me. there, on the other side “ MAX CROSS “ in white lettering. the reasoning for the name was because it was where every line in the town crossed over – the central point for getting anywhere you wanted to get. i didn’t really want to go anywhere for a second so i decided to sit down for a bit and have a nap.

when i woke up, the sky had faded to nighttime, but the station was busier than i had seen it before. i guess this was a nocturnal reality. felt hungry so decided to find something to eat. across the station were a few vending machines selling all sorts of foods and hot dinners. the mechanism would pull the dinner out, heat it, and then serve it through the flap in the bottom, so i got some lasagna. it tasted very microwave-y, expectedly.

one day my mom got me a “Pixel Pal” toy as a special treat. it was a small little cube that has a screen on it, and inside was a little stickman that you could interact with, pretending that it “lived” in the cube. I remember you could also connect it to other cubes but I never got a chance to do that. I tried playing with the stickman in the cube but the buttons wouldn't do anything and the stickman would just sit in the corner, motionless. I watched it for hours to see if it would do anything but I saw nothing and eventually it was bedtime. The strange thing was, when I woke up the next morning, the stickman had gone from the room. My window was slightly ajar. I tried telling mom that the pixel pal had escaped but she didn't believe me and just assumed that I had already worn down the battery in the cube. It didn't get replaced.


inside your computer is a tiny little man called dave. say hi to dave, dont be shy!

i am proceeding with attaching bars to the side of my apartment. this will achieve several things: – makes the apartment feel prison like, a vibe i heavily fuck with – provides extra structural integrity and protection – makes people afraid


it started a few months ago. some of the signs had letter starting to fall off and just, not re-appear again. the letters became lost. it was just a few of the larger businesses at first, those who were able to easily replace such things, but as time went on, more became affected by the mysterious phenomenon. owners would walk outside and find letters scrubbed off of signs completely leaving nothing but white in their shadow. those were not as easy to replace, crude letters drawn with paint pens or sharpie became commonplace here. and even then, some of those became missing too. the letters seemed to be random as well. a police investigation was found but nothing came of it. if someone had a whole bunch of letters from signs it would be easy enough to find, wouldn't it? alas, it became a problem.


(cw – cardboard violence)

You walk around the cardboard city with eager eyes. You're going to tear it down and rip it all apart, just like they did to your city.


“how many years are you looking at?” “well i mean there’s a lot of calendars in this shop” “i’d say about... 193. no wait, 201”

i think if we lived in a world where the space invaders constantly try and come to earth, and we were able to defeat them everytime with cool lazers and flashy LED effects, it would be pretty neat

CAMERAS can be used for TAKING PHOTOS of OBJECTS that are nearby your BODY (note: objects attached to your body may be harder to take photos of)


I spent the morning walking outside in the lonely streets. Paper was flowing around in the wind and not a single car was in sight. Everyone had already fled when they saw the flyers – “LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. IT IS NOT SAFE ANYWHERE. KEEP RUNNING UNTIL YOU CAN'T”.

It seemed I was the only one who made any kind of sense – obviously these flyers were just some kind of joke, or prank, to scare people for something that wasn't actually happening. But everyone else fell for it hook, line and sinker. I woke up and my family had fled, leaving a note for me on the kitchen table, wishing me well for whatever life I had left to live.


(cw: some mentions of death inside)

You shut the door in front of you and find yourself in a room. Running all through this mall trying to find that voice, the voice speaking to you that reverberates all through the building but that only you can hear, to find it's source. This was the final room. It looked just as empty as the other ones, the remains of what used to be a Woolworths here. They still hadn't found a buyer for the lot yet, or so the reports said.

“Give up yet? Ready to listen to me about what i really am?” There it was again... You didn't seem quite able to shut it off or block it out. Nothing helped, the voice coarsed through your brain, injecting it's way into your veins and memories. Your knees fell to the floor, your body coming along with you. It was speaking everywhere, indecipherable, incomprehensible, and yet somehow you could understand every word, no matter how many layers of sentencing rose up. The voice wasn't coming from inside the mall. The voice was the mall. It chose you, chose to reach out, in the hopes of finding someone to help it.


searching through boxes, endless amounts of boxes, trying to find this goddamn second wii remote... my brother wanted to play alongside me and wouldn’t accept a normal controller as a substitute, oh no, he just had to have the wii remote. so up in the attic i go to try and find this godforsaken thing.

the attic is full to the brim with dirty, dusty, and heavy boxes, all containing a jumble of things it seemed, with zero organisation in the midst of it all. what were their parents thinking? how did anyone expect to find anything in this clusterfuck? searching the 35th box now, still no signs of anything. find an old firewire cable and some large grains of sand. the 36th box shows no signs of hope too – mainly old posters with one can of pepsi from 2004 smuggled in there.